India and Australia have a long history of military relations dating back to independence, when Indian soldiers fought alongside Australian soldiers in a series of campaigns, including the two world wars, such as the 15,000 Indian soldiers who fought with Australians at Gallipoli. [36] Every two years, Australia and India also conduct a joint maritime exercise in the Indian Ocean called INDEX. [1] In 2019, AUSINDEX focused on anti-submarine warfare. [37] The CM spoke during Narendra Modi`s video conference with the Prime Ministers of the eight countries with the highest number of COVID-19 cases, India and Australia also have close ties to field hockey, which came with the British army in both countries. In India, from the mid-19th century, the regiments of the British army played the game, which was then taken over by their fellow Indian regiments. The country`s first hockey club was founded in 1885/86 in Calcutta. [52] Hockey in Australia was introduced in the late 19th century by British naval officers. [53] Evidence of the first organized hockey took place in 1903 the founding of the South Australian Hockey Association. Australia`s trade disputes with China are also multiplying, and its advance last month for an international review of the origins and spread of the new coronavirus has met with opposition from China. The mutual logistical support agreement was signed on Thursday at a virtual summit between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison. Related| “Our ties are deep with shared values”: PM Modi has been one of the best in the world for many years at the virtual summit with the Australian PM teams from both countries and is therefore often found on the hockey field. India dominated the sport of world hockey between 1928 and 1956, with the men`s team winning six consecutive Olympic gold medals.

The women`s team won gold at the 2002 Commonwealth Games, the Afro-Asian Games in 2003 and the Asian Cup in 2004. Australia has had success since the late 1970s, with the men`s and women`s teams winning gold medals at the Olympic Games, World Championships, Champions Trophy and Commonwealth Games. Among the agreements announced at the summit were a joint declaration on a comprehensive strategic partnership and a joint declaration on a common vision of maritime cooperation in the industrial space. “They are trying to boost bilateral trade and bilateral investment between Australia and India to deal with some of the risk of a much more confident China and an unpredictable China,” Hall said. India founded a Trade Office in 1941 in Sydney, Australia. She is currently represented by a High Commissioner at the Embassy in Canberra and the Consulates General in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. [16] Australia has a high commission in New Delhi, India and consulates in Mumbai and Chennai. [17] In early 2018, the Australian government announced that a Consulate General would be established in Calcutta, in particular to promote activities with India`s growing mining sector. [18] [19] After World War II, the Australian government of Ben Chifley supported India`s independence from the British Empire to serve as a border against communism. [10] Subsequently, Australia supported, under the leadership of Robert Menzies, India`s accession to the Commonwealth Nations as a republic.