If, under the common law, a spouse meets the requirements of existing provincial legislation, which could be a minimum period of living together or having a child with the other spouse, he or she would be entitled to apply for a spousal pension. The strength of a right to the spouses` allowance depends on factors such as the length of life together, the income gap between the spouses under ordinary law and whether there are children. You should speak to a lawyer near you to understand what rights and obligations can be given to you to help spouses. Davidson Fraese`s family advocacy group has extensive experience navigating the end of common law relationships. We work to resolve conflicts so that you start your new life. If you are splitting up after the Common Law, contact us for a free consultation. Our guide can help you progress faster while ensuring that your legal rights are protected. Separation from the common law can involve a lot of negotiation. First of all, you have to sort the assets. In addition, children must be taken into care.

Maintenance obligations for children must be introduced. Often, this process requires even more negotiations than in the case of traditional adultery. Our family law lawyers at Kahane Law Firm skillfully negotiate for you. If you are separating after the Common Law, we can help you reach an agreement through negotiations. Separation according to customary law: lawyers help you to know your rights and duties. Existing property-sharing agreements, which were legally applicable at the time of their signature, remain applicable. If you are considering separating from your spouse or have already broken up, sit down again today with one of our divorce lawyers and outline your legal rights and declare our enforcement process. Alberta`s Family Act specifies when unmarried couples can seek help from their former partner. As described above, to seek partner support, you must be classified as AIP. To apply for family allowances, the other partner must be a parent of a child or be in the place of a parent. Kahane Law Office understands the dynamics of assistance issues in common law relations. We also understand the rights and obligations of spouses in the event of separation under the Common Law.

Call for help as soon as your common law relationship has collapsed. .