(a) If the employee on the 8th who carried out a mission to Alaska or Hawaii on September 1, 1982 or committed to perform a mission, the employee continues to be reimbursed for the travel renewal agreement; Yes, all travel and transport of household goods may commence no later than six months after: (b) After 8 September 1982, you must note that the travel expenses are necessary for the purpose of recruiting and hiring staff and you must inform staff in writing that travel for the recruitment and engagement of the travel renewal contract is limited to two round trips; beginning within five years of the date on which the employee first begins each period of successive assignments. No, you cannot request more than once, as part of a service contract, a refund for the return of your loved ones or household items. You only have to pay for the return and transportation of an employee once at the end of each agreed service period. Yes, once you have fulfilled your OCONUS duty in accordance with your service contract, your agency must pay the transportation costs for a disposable ride for you, your family members and your household items. (a) any transportation and day expenses you received from you and your family during your period of service for travel renewal trips; If you violate your new service contract, the government will only reimburse you for returning and transporting to your actual place of residence if you have not received all your allowances under a previous service contract in which you have successfully completed the required service time.