Our clients have already faced the unfortunate uncertainty of whether it is within the power given by the clause to achieve a result that includes multiple sanctions, or whether the sanctions are disjunctive, meaning that only one can be applied. In some cases, an employer may find it appropriate to apply more than one sanction to adequately address proven misconduct without resorting to dismissal. For obvious reasons, it is preferable in such cases that it be clear that this approach is compatible with the undertaking agreement. “This agreement is in line with the government`s wage policy and guarantees a fair agreement for workers.” Pallas said the deal denied the contribution officials had made during the 2020 crises. The news of the agreement comes just weeks after wage increases, in some cases worth tens of thousands of dollars, came into effect for 238 Victorian civil service executives. A vote in the workplace now determines whether the agreement is accepted by staff. Treasurer Tim Pallas said Tuesday afternoon that the agreement reached with the community and public sector union on a new four-year contract for about 51,000 employees in 51 government departments and agencies fits his policy of 2 percent wage increases in the public sector. An increase in night pay – from 15 to 20 percent – makes the deal even more lucrative for some workers, including child protection and prison officers, national park firefighters and service workers covered by the agreement. Such a transfer would be by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker, instead of proceeding with an unsatisfactory work delivery process, in accordance with clause 24.

“The agreement was reached after thorough and detailed negotiations over the past few months, but in reality it was the sum of 12 months of negotiations, but especially more recently the key participation of our members who did their job during the bushfire and coronavirus crisis,” the union`s secretary of state said on Tuesday evening, Karen Batt. MESSAGE OF SUPPORT: Dear Karen, yesterday our federal experiment met and was briefed by you and the other Victorian representatives on the Victorian public service`s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While this pandemic has affected all states and territories, it was clear from yesterday`s reports that the impact on Victoria, and therefore on its members, is deeper and more lasting than in other jurisdictions. Of particular interest were the stories you tell us. The work is carried out by Contact Tracers and the thousands of Victorian public sector employees who support them in this vital work. They are the unsung heroes of this pandemic. They are not seen by the community, they have been unfairly slandered by our Prime Minister, but they continue to do the most important work of all. It is her dedication and attention to detail that will bring Victoria out of the pandemic and lockdown.