The beaches are beautiful and during the hot and dry summer we swim in the clear sea, but in winter the temperature generally drops and it often rains hard, so there are many forests. We often have problems with natural disasters like earthquakes or tsunamis that occur along the south coast. Chemgota is a federalist libertarian republic, constitutional democracy. We have managed to remain a stable union of federalism, libertarian, republican and democratic traditions. As stated in the Chemgota Constitution, the nation is shared by four major democratic ideologies that aspire together, but another democratic government, which is not indicated, can be elected. The nation shares the power shared between its states of uniformity and for its people, who can propose and vote for the decisions in which the nation can be brought, such is the theory of popular views that has sucked Chemgota to a stronger nation, which it is today. The Senate of Parliament is divided between the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives, which share equal power, but the house of senators is more superior with many tribes that fought for control of the central area, now known as Verkhnekolymsky and momskiy regions as well as the Kolyma River. they searched for a place where God joined many years ago, in the mountain ranges of the Chersky range. Thus, Paleosibirs have long lived in harmony by speculating that their religious characters would not want a bloodbath between their loved ones. Many skeletons have been exhumed from this period, and some bodies have been preserved during the winter season by permafrost developments in Kolyma.

The importance of this event depicts the cheesy unit. Remember the old Colchis and the myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece? That`s where I come from, Georgia! It is located in West Asia, on the border of the Black Sea, which the Greeks called Pontus Euxinos, Turkey and Russia. The temperature is mild and it is generally sunny and warm. has seats for the public as well, and they are lower than the representatives and they are called the council union, it consists mainly of mayors and councillors of a city or city who are for public support, so that people have a sense of power in the Senate and a right of review. However, the downside is that the Council association cannot vote for seats or persons to be approved or rejected, as in Senate elections to Parliament.