Enter the resulting license server ID in the Terminal Server Activation Wizard (see step 6), and it is desirable to print the page or register the license server ID somewhere, then it may be necessary. Click Next. and click Next, I check the box that you can restart automatically after installing the server role (system role): Restart the destination server automatically if necessary, Install the Server Activation Wizard opens and allows you to enable Terminal Server 2008 r2, click Select the following server in the server pool: srv-serv (, Next Click to finish the Terminal Server and essentially enable 2008 r2, almost finished. As you can see, activating Terminal Server 2008 r2 is a rather trivial thing and knowing that the steps will be completed in a few minutes. I hope that you understand this hardware very well on the subject of terminal servers and that you are ready for the third part of the article, in which we will analyze how to register a license server for other terminal servers. You must now specify the product – Windows Server 2008 (or R2). The license type is per device. The number of required licenses is .C`s all.a close the Terminal Server License Manager window. 9) If everything is correct, we will get the necessary license server ID, the website activate.microsoft.com/ do not need to be closed, it will be useful for us in the future to obtain Client Access Licenses (CALs). Hello dear readers of the blog pyatilistnik.org, today in this article I would like to tell you how to configure a terminal server in Windows Server 2008R2.